No more I love you’s

I‘m entering a new phase of matrimonial communication that I call the rise and rise of the emoji love note.

Gone are the days of having to copy and paste a flurry of x‘s and o‘s at the end of an ‘I love you‘ just to differentiate between lover and friend. In my mind, the more x‘s and o‘s I use the more it will seem like a real declaration of love and less like a lighthearted exchange between friends.

Sometimes when we use words interlaced with little x‘s and little o‘s, the sentiment is overused, misinterpreted and often downplayed.

Would I really kiss you twice or even three times in the street at the end of a sentence? Probably not, unless I wanted to tap into my inner Parisian.

Reaching into the depths of your soul to get to the heart of the things we don’t always say, takes time and effort and after a particularly crappy morning those words are harder to find let alone convey.

My husband is a man of few words which is why I think he has found favour with emoji’s. He can be funny, kind and emotive without the pressure of having to write a daily sonnet, and I approve.

Words are honest and thought-provoking while emoji’s are fun and thoughtful. It’s a nice juxtaposition.

Would I try and tackle a marital conflict with an emoji-laden rant? Not if I wanted to be taken seriously.

I love that I can end my awkward obsession with ‘haha‘ and just put 


Or that if I actually wanted to blow a kiss I can just go with 


These funny symbols are a lighthearted answer to everyday expressions. Their novelty makes putting together a traditional love note with words and thoughts all the more powerful and precious.

As I see it, emoji’s are fun for the everyday but words (and love notes) are forever.

Erena Te Paa Stylist