Ode to friends I’ve never met (and friendship in all its forms)

To friends I don’t really know (but feel like I do) and friendships in general.

veryone needs someone who they can let their guard down with.

Someone who they can joke with, see the funny side of a struggle with and someone who keeps it real and honest. Even if their truths are a little too real and too honest at times, that kind of honesty is in a word refreshing.

It’s a flat-out laugh-snorting sigh of relief actually.

Even if that outspoken, opinionated, kind-hearted, sometimes goofball of a friend exists on a page on the internet or in the pages of a book their presence makes the world a lighter, brighter place.

I have friends who I don’t even know who share their wins and their struggles and in doing so remind me of my own and in that sense of shared experience and shared realness I am reminded that I am not alone. That somewhere out there I have a friend who I’ve never actually met who might even be cut from a different cloth and march to the beat of a different soundtrack but who reminds me that we are all in this thing called life. This thing called struggle. This thing called motherhood/sisterhood together.

And we don’t need to walk the same walk or talk the same talk to be on the same wave length.

We’re all different and yet in a lot of ways we’re all the same.

As far as real-life friendships go, my friendships are diverse. I have friends who are so spiritual they were probably hippies in a past life. I have friends who believe that science has all the answers. I have friends who share really embarrassing things (that sometimes I’m not even sure I really want to know). I have friends who swear like sailors and friends who would never say a bad word. Friends who were the ‘goodie goods‘ at school and friends who smoked behind the bike sheds.

I have friends who I’m not even sure I’m still friends with (its been that long!) but I don’t care because we all need each other. We need community. We need differences of opinion in order to help us shape and carve out our own.

I am a stronger more worldly person because of you friend I don’t really know, and friend I do.

You make the world a much easier place to be me in because you’re out there somewhere (sometimes) struggling along but ultimately being you too.

In a world where we don’t always like to get one another. I get you. I value your opinion and the positive light that you shine.

You make the world a much cooler place to be.

Erena Te Paa sig

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