On the importance of finding a balance and making time for each other

Before children there was ‘us’ and now we have children can we ever be just us?

“I don’t mind being number two”

“Two to who?”

“Costa’s your number one and that’s ok…”

This was my husband’s startling yet oh so casual admission to life as a family of three and on happily playing second fiddle to our son. To him it was no big deal to admit but for me I wasn’t sure whether to laugh at the hilarity of this observation or cry for not making the obvious (that there are no number two’s in our family), more obvious!

But was he right?

As someone who champions communication and being on the same page in our relationship, his thoughts while innocently intended were a fair if not awkward revelation of our first year of parenting and the shift in focus that naturally comes when transitioning from us two to we three.

In fairness, having a child is the most precious and all-encompassing experience you will ever know and as parents it’s only natural to put all your time and energy into your child(ren).  Nurturing them and keeping them safe. Showering them in kisses and cuddles without a second thought to where else your attention might need to be.

Only, when you come out from under the sleepless nights and the weary haze that was life with a baby and you will come out from under it, it’s important to acknowledge the dynamic parenting duo that was first and foremost a loving husband and wife.

You know, the kind who laugh like friends and love like lovers and listen to music over glasses of wine kind-of-people. Remember them?

Those people are still you.

So in honour of us we made good on a trip that we had been planning since late last year. A few nights away recharging on the sunny shores of Fiji. Just us two.

A parent’s getaway without the guilt and it was amazing!

That’s the funny thing about reconnecting. You don’t know how much you need it until you steal some time away for yourselves, to just be the two of you if only for a few days. You’re there together and away from the things and people that usually hold your focus. You can get lost in each other as opposed to the task at hand. Absorbed, focused, engaged in something other than what you do everyday.

It’s always important to remember that all relationships take work, even the good ones.

Children didn’t bring you together and children will not keep you together. You brought each other together. You made each other happy. Your children came from that love. That love has its own place and its own power and it needs to be nurtured in order to thrive.

Take time to honour the connection that helped fill your heart and home with more love, laughter and smiles than you could ever imagine.

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