Oufit Idea: One shirt 5 ways

This Witchery shirt and Just Jeans pant combo is a favourite of mine but wearing it the same old way can feel a little plain and predictable sometimes.

Here are 6 ways to style a shirt to be more interesting and still be incredibly comfortable to wear.

Look 1. Shirt: Unbuttoned with a tee, long necklace and bracelet. Great for casual.


Look 2. Shirt: Half buttoned with a loose crepe singlet peeking through, bib-style necklace on top and tailored vest. Great for smart-casual office.


Look 3.  Shirt unbuttoned, sleeves rolled down, loose top cinched at waist with a thin belt underneath.  Great for weekend casual.


Look 4.  Shirt:  Unbuttoned with a statement top underneath (a sequined top or a top you’d normally wear in the evening would work well too). Office casual.  


Look 5. A slight modification to look 1.  By adding a cropped vest (or jacket), this look becomes more layered yet you can still see the shirt.  Great for weekend casual.


Tip:  I find that working in complimentary colours to your shirt will make styling easier.  My shirt is light grey, so I stuck with whites, dark grey and generally earthy tones.

I wore a lot of these looks post pregnancy (simply because this shirt and others wouldn’t button up!).  But hey, if I didn’t have that issue I’d never think outside the box and style my shirts differently, and now I really enjoy wearing them open.

Looks aren’t new except for the Lovisa necklace in Look 2.  I’ve simply tried to give you inspiration so that you can experiment with items you might already own.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Erena Te Paa Stylist