Our Home: The Bathroom

Our old bathroom was straight out of the 1970’s…

A beautiful collision of yellow formica and imitation marble which we lived with begrudgingly for 3 or 4 years.

Late last year the old girl finally got a ‘new dress’ and this is what we came up with…

The bathroom

Above is the W/C ahem toilet. Everything old was replaced with new (new tiles, wallpaper, fixtures & fittings) and I added a couple of finishing touches which were sourced inexpensively.

The light fitting for example was from The Warehouse and while cheap, it’s my favourite thing.

The mirror was an on sale find from Bed, Bath & Beyond and the wee plywood house which now houses the ‘necessities’ was sourced from Cotton on Kids.

The bathroom

We continued the subway tiles and anaglypta wallpaper through into the bathroom (above) and then Trade Me was my saving grace for most other things in this space.

The 1970s sideboard now acts as useful storage space and a place for the Kohler basin and tap to perch, all these things were sourced from Trade Me (just call me the Trade Me queen).

The Bolina copper mirror by House Doctor was an online purchase from Flitty Bird in the UK and it is also stocked at Perch Homewares in NZ too.

The bathroom

The Trade Me trend extends to the bath which I sourced in Tauranga, as was the Ali Baba basket, a $5 bargain and a nice big size for all that washing ‘that I just love to do – yeah right’

The towel holder (and towel) were from Nood. Just quietly their towels are soo nice, every time I go there I buy a couple to add to the collection as they are worth every penny!

The bathroom

Last but not least, the copper light fitting and glass shower door (which you can’t see) were Trade Me finds.

The pendant light might be an unusual choice for a bathroom but I like how it adds interest. It also gives off a lovely soft light which while admittedly isn’t great for putting on makeup, it is great for an indulgent bubble bath, so I accept the trade-off.

Our bathroom, like our house is a mix-up of old and new and while some people might not like second-hand, if chosen carefully these ‘special finds’ can add originality and character to a space and that to me, is priceless.

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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