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T here is a saying that I love by William Morris which goes ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’.

This year, this quote has been poignant for me.  I was and still am a bit of a collector of objects yet one of the first things I wanted to do after my loss was to re-set and de-clutter (both my mind and home).

This ethos has worked it’s way into every facet of my life and I am all the better for having done it. My kitchen recently benefited from a mini makeover (the last for this year).  My brief was simply to lighten things up and here are some of the things I did to achieve this.

This is how the kitchen looked before and there is a post on this here:

Mini kitchen makeover - before


And this is how it looks now…

Mini kitchen makeover - after

Light and bright was the brief. I used Resene’s Black white on the walls and a special sealer prior. I love the french language so Say ‘Si’l vous plait’ was my attempt at something like ‘Say please’. I don’t actually know if I’ve translated that right or not but that was the intention. Good thing it’s chalkboard right? Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

Mini kitchen makeover - shelves

For more storage we added white floating LACK shelves from IKEA with white brackets from Bunnings.

Mini kitchen makeover - details

With stark white walls it can be nice to highlight certain details and accessories. Chopping boards (rear) are from KMart and front chopping board is the acacia board from Paper Plane Store. The Menu Bottle Grinders are also from Paper Plane Store.

Mini kitchen makeover - boskkeplanters

We added some more plant details in the corner. These are boskke sky planters which were dotted around the house (previously) but we’ve reused in the kitchen.


One of the most expensive changes was changing the colour of the fridge which used to be yellow. We purchased our fridge for $80 on Trade Me 2 years ago and we still love it but we decided that changing the colour would be our splurge. I selected a mint green and we took it to Rob’s Spraypainting (in Frankton, Hamilton). Rob did the most amazing job of not only painting it but taking out all the nicks, dents and chips. The whole process cost $400 which yes, may be a bit to invest but it honestly looks like a new and original fridge.

Mini kitchen makeover - teatowel-art

This artwork is what I like to call framed tea-towel art. See below for details.


Tea towel art
Tea towel art 2

The artwork above was achieved by simply finding a tea towel that I liked.  This is the Geometry Tea Towel from Paper Plane Store ($15), I simply ironed it and framed it in a frame which I purchased from KMart ($15).

Chalkboard OHP

My first chalkboard design involved an overhead projector and this design was no different.  I simply found a new design which I loved and used the projector to reflect this onto the wall.  Both techniques are simple and effective and anyone can achieve a similar effect.


And there it is.

Whether you preferred it before or after, we like the new kitchen.  It is light and bright with a few quirky additions but nothing that can’t easily be changed if or when we decide to change things up.

Updating a kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive (the fridge was the only splurge and highly optional).  A lick of paint, a bit of decluttering and showcasing one or two things is really all it takes.

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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