Out of the 000’s and into the O-oh’s

Costa is four and a half months old and counting. Pic taken on my iphone – hence the blur.

ho is this cheeky 4 (and a bit) month old and what have you done with my newborn?

Every parent further along in their journey foretold it.  ‘Take lots of pics and enjoy those newborn snuggles‘ they said. ‘Because babies grow fast‘ they said.

They were so right.

I’m suddenly wishing my i-phone had twice as many gigs and all those darling tiny (and expensive) clothes were made out of spandex.

The 4 and a half month mark is a lesson in progression and of watching this newborn become less ‘new’ and more ‘grown’.


Here’s what I’ve learned in my 4 or so months of experience:

GIVE ME MORE: Floor-play is no longer a preferred (or prolonged) form of entertainment.  He wants diversity and to be thrilled.  Shout-out to the baby bjorn carrier, you my-baby-holding-buddy are a life saver!

PHANTOM POO:  There should be something there, I just can’t seem to find it.

BEEN THERE: Swings, bouncinettes, chairs, toys… My lounge room resembles ordered chaos of all the things I’ve tried, including all the things scattered around the floor known as ‘currently the bees-knees‘.  Namely a monkey, maraca and ball-thingy.

ROLLIN’: 360-ing and something bordering on crawling.  It’s only a matter of time before he masters those annoying things called limbs.

TASTE & TOUCH TEST: Sucking on toys, blankies, his hand, my shoulder. It is all worthy of a chew, grab or hair pull.

SAY IT WITH A SMILE: ‘Shall we change your nappy‘? ‘Did you just wet your pants‘? All said with a smile. Because smiles get smiles and he makes me work for mine.

WE SO HAD THIS: When 2-plus nights of 6 hour sleeps are followed by a night of two hourly wakes. Sheesh, so close!

STORAGE FULL:  Realising your phone is full-to-bursting with thousands of pictures (sometimes two or three variations of the same exact moment) and somehow being able to delete any of them is like…the hardest thing ever!

MUSLINS: and cloths everywhere. On every arm rest, under a chair and in every washing pile.  And like my hairpins I swear I had more than I can now find!

WHAT’S THAT YOU SAY: We wake up to the sound of him blowing raspberries or making drawn-out O sounds.  I’ve already claimed something that sounded like ‘Muuuoom‘.  I know I know, he doesn’t know what he’s saying but can you blame me?!

PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC: He is completely enamoured by the bright colours and shapes on the TV and the Pak N Save man, so TV time has been paired back for good tunes and quality play time.

HELLO UPGRADE: His bassinet has been upgraded to the big boy bed (aka cot), which for him I imagine is like getting a California King.


As much as I love scrolling through his newborn pics and wondering where that small squish went, I am thoroughly enjoying watching his personality grow and so to, his levels of interaction.

He knows exactly who we are now and lights up when he sees us.

He sees and embraces the funny side of a Mama bear hug or Dad’s stubble-nuzzles with high-pitched squeals of laughter. The kind of laugh that makes me laugh harder.

I have a newfound resilience for his tantrums and a few tricks up my sleeve when they happen.

So to that end, the trainer wheels are off and we are well and truly in the game.

Solids and teething, come at me…..um yeah right!

P.S Have a listen to Costa and his infectious giggle (yip, it pretty much melts me…everytime)http://www.erenatepaa.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Costa-giggles.mp3

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