Outfit Idea: One dress many ways

When the weddings are over and there are no more events to go to, what do you do with that pretty little dress that would otherwise not see the light of day!

Why, you restyle it of course.

I love finding new ways to get more wear out of something that is otherwise only earmarked for ‘good’, besides life’s too short right!


Restyle a special occasion dress - vest

Look 1 // Smart Casual – featured image – Vest from Country Road, shorts from Glassons

restyle a special occasion dress - belted

Look 2 // Relaxed Casual – Belt from Kilt, Jeans from Just Jeans

restyle a special occasion dress - weekend

Look 4 // Work or play // Blazer from Shine, Skirt from Farmers

Your personal style should feel authentic to you and reflect who you are so use this as inspiration to fuel your own outfit ideas.

I found my shift style dress at an outlet store though for similar styles I’d recommend:

  1. Max

  2. Alibi

  3. Find a pattern and have one made – they’re easy!

Tucking in your dress really depends on the weight, length and amount of embellishment. Obviously I can restyle my dress in these ways because it is so light weight and a reasonably short length. Practice makes perfect, sometimes just simply adding a belt, cigarette pants and or a vest can change the look and feel of an otherwise ‘going out’ dress completely.

If you would like to see how I put these looks together, click on the link below for my video

Restyle a special occasion dress

In style (like life) it’s not what you have but what you do with what you have that counts

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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