Outfit Idea: The maxi dress 4 ways

Given that it is summer in my part of the world, shorts, skirts and dresses are definitely in, while pants and anything tight not so much.

I love maxi dresses, and I know that not everyone does but here are a few personal reasons why I like them:

  1. They can elongate your frame, making you appear taller

  2. There is just something cool about the wind whipping around all that fabric

  3. Best of all maxi dresses are incredibly simple to style well

Here are 4 ways to style a maxi dress and no you don’t need to go out and buy new unless your wallet says heck yes.


Look 1 // The Vest – featured image – Vest from Dotti, dress from ASOS

Look 2 // The T-shirt – Mirrou

How to style a maxi dress - t-shirt

Look 3 // The Blazer – Honey & Beau Jacket from Shine

How to style a maxi dress - blazer

Look 4 // The draped cardi (or jacket) // a market find in Malaysia

How to style a maxi dress - drapey cardi

Your personal style should feel authentic to you and reflect who you are so use this as inspiration and apply these style techniques to pieces you already own as the things I am wearing aren’t current.

If you don’t own a maxi dress and really want to try one, I’d recommend visiting:

  1. Witchery

  2. Asos

  3. Moochi

  4. Jeanswest/Just Jeans

Look for fabrics that are weighted well as these will skim the body rather than add volume.  Fabrics I prefer are crepe, jersey knit, heavy cotton and sheer poly chiffon fabrics.  It also helps if the dress has some tailoring to it (i.e. darting and shaping to ensure a flattering fit).

If you would like to see how I put these looks together, click on the link below for my video

How to style a maxi dress

In style (just as in life) it’s not what you have but what you do with it that counts

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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