Somewhere only we know

H aving a child in your belly is like knowing a secret friend.

I won’t say imaginary because they are oh so real but because you can’t see them and only you can truly feel them it’s like the two of you share a secret part of a life journey together, intrinsically linked.

And no matter what, you’ll always have that.

Sometimes it’s a journey that only the two of you will ever know about.

Forever entwined.

You’ve never met my son so I’d like to introduce you to him in a way that only we (both he and I) know.

My son is calm. His movements fluid and rarely jolty. He likes the sound of waves and the motion of a car. He is crazy about Ed Sheeran, partial to Jessie Ware and loves Unchained Melody. He likes to snooze. He is intuitive and knows when his mum needs reassuring. He loves his dad and can sense when he’s home from work or close by. He is partial to a sweet treat, a trait that he and his mum share. He likes the ocean, a trait that he and his father share. He is a night owl, like both his parents. He loves his grandparents and lets his mum know that he knows when they are near. He is patient, sometimes predictable and very perceptive.

He is my son.

And I’m glad you could know him like I do.

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