Summer is like… (in case you can’t remember)

I love how you can hear the sound of a lawn mower at quarter to 9 at night.

The smell of other peoples barbecues and children playing.

Summer sunsets like the tropics.

The lights that don’t go on til late, if at all.

Windows open, sometimes all night.

Curtains drawn at 9 (pm) or never.

Children running through sprinklers, laughing.

Sleeping without sheets, or clothes.

Doors wide open, windows too.

Washing out and dry, by 12.

Hot concrete.

Cold showers.

Sea breezes.

Sandy beaches.

Salads for meals.

Dining, alfresco.

Light, warmth, light, warmth.


So much heat, you can’t stand it.

This is Summer

and it’s so darn close I can (almost) feel it.

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