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There’s a song called Monday Monday by the Mamas and the Papas and it goes ‘Monday Monday can’t trust that day’ and some days when you are trying to figure out what to wear and perhaps you’re highly pregnant and somewhat volatile it’s easy to lose your shiz! When I am feeling close to the edge and like I don’t know what to wear to feel classy I find black jeans to be a stylistic lifesaver.

Monday outfit inspiration Erena Te Paa

Monday outfit inspiration Erena Te Paa

Just Jeans | Top by Crossroads | Sandals by Salucci[/white_box]Do you know the expression ‘that will go straight to your hips‘? Yep well do I have a cure for you…

Black jeans or if you’re not a fan of the dark side, forest green, mulberry, burgundy, indigo blue any of these moody hues will perfectly frame and contain those curves.

If you don’t yet have a pair of matte black jeans or a straight smart black dress-pant in a slim leg or bootcut now is the time to indulge as every well equipped and curvaceous gal should have a pair on standby if only for days when those hips don’t lie.

I would recommend denim, bengaline or a cotton/sateen fabric. And if black pants are your weapon of choice most days then try mixing it up with a few textured options like a jacquard print an embossed pattern or a different shade (show people you’re not a one trick pony and make it interesting for yourself!)

Here are some options to get those cogs turning…

black jeans

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