The Bump: Must-Haves #1

Who says you can’t be both pregnant and stylish? Not I!

My ethos for pregnancy fashion is to find pieces that are comfy yes, but that don’t feel like you’re compromising on style (until late in your third trimester, when just quietly, undies and t-shirts are a very real wardrobe option for me!).

If you’re objective is comfort and style, here are some of my current favourites and why I can’t live without them, enjoy!:

1. The rib midi-dress

Essential pregnancy fashion must-haves

WHY I LOVE: Ribbed knit fabrics are versatile and flattering.  I’ve worn this dress for a special event (with a cape jacket) and dressed it down on weekends with a vest or sheer top and it just works!

BEST FEATURES: The ribbed fabric is so flattering on a fuller tummy (it clings without ‘being too clingy’) and I will be wearing this post-pregnancy too.  Note:  Go one or two sizes up from your normal size for extra comfort.

DOWNSIDES: Ribbed knits tend to stretch a little more after a few washes so be gentle but do expect a bit of extra stretch.

WHERE TO BUY:  This one is from Glassons.  Here is a very similar one.


2. The belly-band harem pant & side split details


WHY I LOVE: The fit and fall of knit fabrics mean they are super accommodating and comfortable.  Side splits also help to flatter a growing tummy.

BEST FEATURES: The weight of knit fabrics means they drape so well.  I go up one or two sizes to ensure a comfy but flattering fit.  Harem pants combine style with comfort so they can easily take me from the supermarket to a night out (with heels).

DOWNSIDES: Wash carefully to avoid stretching the knit.  Sometimes the weight of this fabric can be too hot in summer.  Belly bands can be too big in your first trimester (if you take a while to show).

WHERE TO BUY:  Vest from Glassons (currently only available in store – sale section).  Pants from Crossroads here.


3. Uneven hemlines & drill jeggings

uneven hemlines_drill-Jeggings

WHY I LOVE: I swear by these knit tops from Witchery.  They are lightweight, great for layering and have a luxe look and feel.  The name jeggings would normally see me running for the hills but these jeggings are made from thick cotton drill fabric that when worn, feel like pants and less like leggings (no offence leggings!).

BEST FEATURES: Versatility, style and comfort.  I can wear both the top and pant during and after pregnancy!  An uneven hemline also makes disguising you growing tummy that much easier, especially when you’re kind-of but-not-really showing.

DOWNSIDES: Any delicate fabrics can and will ‘pull’ if snagged.  Wash gently, dry indoors and avoid jewellery that can snag.  I don’t endorse wearing pants that are too tight in pregnancy. While these pants are labelled ‘tummy trimmers’ this is not what I’m wanting to do with a growing pregnant tummy, so my trick with these is to go up one, two or more sizes from your normal pants size (I went up two).  You want to make sure the elastic banded waist sits ‘comfortably’ and isn’t restricting you or your tummy in any way!  P.S  If they feel too tight around your growing bump do not wear them.  I went up two sizes and while they still hugged my legs (like pants) the band didn’t (and still doesn’t) feel like it is restricting my tummy.  Eventually I will need to move into belly banded pants.

WHERE TO BUY:  This is a staple top from Witchery called the trapeze knit here.  Jeggings (more like pants) from Crossroads here.


4. Relaxed tapered pants & vertical stripes


WHY I LOVE: An elasticated waist, relaxed linen and tapered legs makes these pants easy breezy and chic.  I love that I can roll up the bottoms too.  Vertical stripes create the illusion of  length so help to elongate the frame.

BEST FEATURES: The overlapped style of this pant and elasticated waist means that I can accommodate my growing tummy without forgoing style or comfort.  The crepe feel of this top falls beautifully and it looks a lot more expensive than it was!  I just know that I will definitely wear both post-pregnancy.

DOWNSIDES: Truthfully, none apart from when my tummy (or bum) will get too big for these pants.  They are a fave! 🙁

WHERE TO BUY:  Linen blend overlap pants are from Glassons here.  This stylish top was a surprising find from Merric (available in store).


5. Rosehip lotion & platform flats


WHY I LOVE: Affordable, accessible and good for you.

BEST FEATURES: Essano lotion is my take-everywhere, use-after-every-shower staple.  Given that it is good for the skin and has a reasonable price tag ($15 – $20) I am lathering this stuff on my growing tummy like there’s no tomorrow (so far, so good!).  Flatforms are great for comfort and give me that extra bit of height!

DOWNSIDES: As with any new shoe you might get blisters in the beginning (which is why I always carry around a pack of these – swear by them)!

WHERE TO BUY:  The Essano range can be found at most supermarkets like here.  These Pulp Chilli flatforms can be found from Hannah’s here and my Ked’s Slither flatforms are also from Hannah’s here.


Funnily enough, and at the time of writing, the majority of my ‘must-haves’ are on sale so if any take your fancy, I would suggest that you hustle!

If this was helpful, or you have anything helpful to add to the list I’d love to know!  I’ll be sure to follow this up with part two for you very soon 🙂

NOTE:  Products and opinions are all my own.  Links to products were valid at time of writing.  PS, I don’t endorse wearing anything that is too restrictive around your growing baby belly so if it doesn’t feel right, please don’t go there!

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