The Bump: Wear jeans for longer

I was lucky enough to bump into Jordan from Portmans while I was looking for ‘stretchy’ summer alternatives, unbenownest to her I was also smuggling a seriously uncomfortable muffin-top under a long flowy sweater. It turned out that she too was pregnant and let me in on her secret for extending the life of your jeans

You’ll need:

  1. A hair tie or thick elastic

  2. Your fave jeans

  3. A long top

Style trick to extend the life of your favourite jeans while pregnant
  1. This is when you’ve established that you can no longer do up your jeans in a way that is comfortable or flattering

  1. Take your hair tie and thread one end through the button hole on your jeans

Extend the life of your fave jeans while pregnant
  1. If you can do up your zip that helps, but regardless take both ends of the hair tie and latch them on to the button and boom jeans that fit and no muffin-top.

I should also note that you’ll want to wear a top that falls below your zip or you could be giving the game away and just a tad embarassed!

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