The good in letting go

The hardest thing in life is having the courage to let go. When you’ve had a bad day and you want to carry that frustration around with you, brushing past every soul that you meet, let it go.

When someone rudely cuts in front of you and you want to burn your eyes into their back, let it go.

When you see other people doing amazing things and all you’ve done is make toast, let it go.

The greatest struggle in life is to take whatever burden you feel and let it go.

If something is burning a hole inside you, release it.

The more we choose to carry, the more our struggles grow on the inside.

When you lose something or someone you couldn’t bear to live without, let the weight of that pain go.

Holding on to things often serves to support a feeling that can become too much to bare.

Emotions are as much freeing as they are heavy so make sure you choose the right ones to feel.

There is no sense in holding on to more than you need so for all that is good, let it go.

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