Tip: Create more Pin-teresting outfits

Putting together an outfit can sometimes feel like solving a difficult maths equation without a calculator. Tricky.

For moments like these you need Minties Pinterest.

Pinterest can captivate your eyeballs for hours on end which can be both an inspiring and envy-inducing experience but if you’re really clever you’ll look beyond those pretty pictures to find your very own solution for creating better outfits.

Here is the process I personally use to do just that, with examples:

Step One

Peruse your wardrobe and pick out an item of clothing that you’re drawn to.  Note:  This is where I would normally say something like ‘please don’t choose trackpants and blah blah’ but you know what, it actually doesn’t matter if you do (what the?..I know)!

Now head to Pinterest and login or register

neutral outfit inspired by Pinterest

Step Two

Look at the item you’ve chosen and think of 2 or 3 keywords that would describe that item.  For instance it could be ‘black jacket’ or ‘black biker jacket’.  Now type your words into the search bar and while it isn’t always necessary add a stylishly descriptive word in there too like ‘stylish’ ‘beautiful’ ‘chic’ ‘boho’ etc etc and push enter.

Note:  The more descriptive your keywords the more you’ll narrow your search.

leather outfit inspired by Pinterest

 Step Three 

Hopefully your search has resulted in lots of great images.  If not, then search again and be more descriptive.  Scroll through the results and pin the outfits that A. inspire you and B. look somewhat similar to things you have in your wardrobe.  Tip:  Don’t be too literal.

Tartan inspired outfit

Step Four

With a few outfit pins stored in your memory or on your ipad/phone head back to your wardrobe.  With the words ‘near enough is good enough’ in your mind, find the other pieces of the outfit puzzle, i.e pants, shoes, accessories that you can use to recreate the look.

Use Pinterest to inspire your outfits

Remember, this isn’t about replicating the exact look.  In most of my examples above I have taken elements of these looks to inspire my own version using what I own.   So I’m not going to worry if I don’t have a green scarf or a white fedora hat.   I’ll just work with what I do have.

In fact this is a great way to break old clothing habits and challenge the way you’d normally wear things.

Furthermore here are some final tips to keep in mind when using Pinterest to recreate outfits.

  1. Don’t imitate.  Innovate.

  2. Don’t be a creature of habit.  Challenge the current way you style things.

  3. No money, no problem.  Using what you have makes your outfit more original.  This is a great thing.

P.S I apologise if it looks like I’m scowling at Kim K (above), goodness knows what I was actually looking at but I can assure you she wasn’t there haha!  Truth be told I was probably just attempting my best blue steel look, as always.

I hope you found this helpful!

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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