Tip: Six ways to a better outfit

When I worked in a corporate office many moons ago I felt like I was always wearing the same thing until a colleague said to me ‘how do you manage to wear a new outfit everyday?

Perplexed and somewhat surprised I realised that it wasn’t so much about what I was wearing but how I was wearing it that made all the difference.

Here are some tricks I use to inspire my outfit creativity:

1. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Take the 7 x 7 challenge.

Choose 7 items of clothing and wear only those 7 pieces in different ways for 7 days. This will force you to think outside the square.  Tip: Keep snapshots of the outfits that made you feel great and use them when you’re having an ‘I have nothing to wear‘ day.

P.S Accessories, shoes and underwear don’t count, thankfully because you’ll need those!

2. Inspiration online:

Why hurt your brain when creativity can be found online.

Head to Pinterest with a topic in mind for example you might have a wide belt that you’d just love to wear more often so type ‘winter wide belt fashion’ or something similar and lots of great images (pins) should appear to inspire you!

Save and use any images that you can recreate at home.

3. Opposites attract

Think in contrasts.  Like wearing formal items with informal items or edgy items with soft and floaty ones.

Wear an evening top with a pair of casual jeans for a nice juxtaposition.  Or try a leather jacket instead of a blazer with a tailored work outfit.

4. It’s not what it is but how you wear it

Are you the kind of person who buys a blazer in every shade of black?  See the tailored blazer at the top of this page?

I have styled this ONE blazer three ways (below) to demonstrate how it can serve 3 different purposes.

One jacket three ways

5. Embellish x 3

I get it, you wear a uniform or you’re just not very creative, so instead keep your outfit simple and embellish creatively x 3.

Think jewellery, lipstick and hair styled.

Go for jewellery you’d usually wear out or that people have complimented you on before. Put effort into styling your hair even if it is a couple of minutes with a straightener or curling wand.

This doesn’t mean you should play it safe or go crazy but it does mean you should try harder!

6. Everything where you can see it

Remember that lovely top that you thought you’d lost a year ago only to find it crumpled at the back of your drawer?

Hang as many items up as you possibly can, that goes for jewellery too ‘everything where you can see it‘.  Remember if it’s not in an obvious place, how can you realise it’s potential?


You know how annoying it is when your partner doesn’t notice when you’ve had your hair cut and styled?

Fattening up your wardrobe won’t always make people notice either.

What you want is for someone to say ‘You look great!‘ and know that what you’re wearing is the same thing you’ve worn loads before.

Only this time you’ve styled it so well that they can’t tell if its new, old or otherwise!

Oh this old thing!‘ 😉

Erena Te Paa Stylist