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Father’s Day

I remember when you introduced me to an old friend of yours recently. 

We exchanged hello’s and then he proceeded to tell you that you were punching above your weight. We all laughed but me more-so because as your wife I’ve always known that I was punching above mine.

When it comes to face-value I know that in time you will almost certainly have the upper-hand.  Like George Clooney, Sean Connery and all those silver foxes who make aging look like a fine wine, you too will follow suit.  While I’ll be relying on a good Merlot and my wicked sense of humour to help you see passed what no amount of make-up can at that point, hide.

While your first foray into fatherhood was painfully short, I know that your daughter has brought out in you a better version of yourself and she doesn’t need to be here for me to recognise that which is the unbreakable bond between a father and his child.

You looked at her and saw someone who made him better.  A better man, a better friend and in my opinion, a better husband.

To see beyond what is and love unequivocally what lies beneath.  That is what I see in you and that is what I love about you most of all.

The measure of a man is not in the way he looks, how much hair is left on his head or how hard he can bench press but who he is as a person and how he makes you feel.

How he lets you know that you are the most important thing in his world.

And that your car is due for a service.

So to my husband on his first Father’s day.

To my Dad on his 34th.

To my father-in-law on his 35th.

To all the protectors, guardians, young knights and silver foxes of this world (and beyond) who proudly call themselves Dad, cheers to you for the fathers that you are and continually strive to be.

You are loved. You are appreciated.

You inspire me to be better.

Today and everyday.

Thank you.


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