To not doing it all and feeling better

Just do those dishes. Just write that email. Just do that thing that prevents you from doing what you should really be doing….resting, sleeping, recharging.

At some point in my new Mum-ness I chose to put on an imaginary cape and call myself Superwoman. Pushing through twinges and the odd ache to grant myself permission to be the on-call worker bee and the last one standing.

When people told me to sleep when baby slept, I did. Only that was in the beginning and then I decided that the sentiment didn’t apply to me and for the sake of my washing I couldn’t afford to let it.

But one night while I was exceeding my quota of sleeplessness, my body was silently crying out for me to just stop.

I will but first, washing, emails….

At some point I stopped listening to that niggly sore throat (or funny tummy) until eventually I was laid up in bed and unable to help anyone.

Don’t push on. Don’t I’ll just... Don’t ignore that tiny voice inside that knows you best. Your internal compass. Your very own lie detector that quite frankly will tell you when its had enough of your lies.

It took a bout of gastro and more recently a ‘harmless’ cold to realise that I was pushing it. I’m not 20 anymore but even if I was I’m pretty sure my 20 year old self wasn’t a cyborg either.

Here I am, telling my son how lovely and rested he is after a sleep when I was getting by on the sniff of a freshly-washed pillowcase.

I’m not Superwoman. I have the potential to be awesome sometimes but I’m still not Superwoman.

And neither are you.

Imperfection is beautiful. Mistakes make you human.

Your body is your temple. Don’t let it kick you out.

Rest. Yes rest is best.

And as my wonderfully no nonsense doctor put it. ‘Your washing will be there for the next 20 years!’. Word.

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