Trend: Fave colours for spring 15′

I don’t know about you but it feels darn good to know that the sun will soon be out and in full force soon (hard to imagine though?!)

In eager anticipation, I’ve rounded up my top 5 colour combos I’m excited to wear this Spring.


1. White – with gold and copper accessories

White Spring Outfits

Outfits aren’t current (for colour inspiration only) but FYI: Watch: Witchery, Necklace: Colette Hayman, Sunglasses: Ruby Shoes, Bracelet: Equip, Shoe’s: KMart, Jeans: Espirit, Top: Glassons, Jacket: Just Jeans (I think?!)

WHY I LOVE IT: When I’ve got a tonne of Napisan in the laundry then I love to wear white!  It just feels light and bright and stands out in a sea of dull shades.

PERFECT PAIRINGS: Dusky grey and icy pastels.  I also love pairing my white with tan and metallic shades, simply because they add a sense of luxury!


2. Red, White, Navy (Nautical) – with tan, white and red accessories

Nautical Spring Outfits

Outfits aren’t current (for colour inspiration only) but FYI: Boots: Overland, Lippy: Smashbox (Infrared Matte), Sunglasses: Runaways by Le Specs, Watch: Michael Kor’s, Shoe’s: KMart, Dress: Glassons, Jacket: Nadja B Design (Recycled Labels find), Bag: Saben Says (well thrashed!)

WHY I LOVE IT: It reminds me of sail boats, sunshine and the sea so what’s not to love?!  Spring is also the perfect time to do white and navy (or white and red) stripes!

PERFECT PAIRINGS: I’m going to sound like a broken record but I just love wearing tan with nautical shades, it’s earthy and practical given that the weather is still uncertain.


3. Khaki – with tan accessories

Khaki Spring Outfits

Outfits aren’t current – my ethos is choose well and look after what you have but FYI: Watch: Witchery, Necklace: Colette Hayman, Sunglasses: Karen Walker (Number Two), Ring: Equip, Watch: Witchery, Hat: Max, Necklace: Just Jeans Shoe’s: Tony Bianco, Dress: Glassons, Jacket: Just Jeans

WHY I LOVE IT: Khaki is a great compromise and injection of subtle colour when you’re sick of wearing dark grey or black.  It also works so well with so many shades (you’d be surprised!).

PERFECT PAIRINGS: At the moment, tan and/or beige tops the bunch because of its ability to lighten an otherwise heavy look.  This combo also works well in Autumn too.


4. Dusty Pink – with copper and tan accessories

Pink Spring Outfits

Outfits aren’t current (for colour inspiration only) but FYI: Watch: Witchery, Necklace: Colette Hayman, Sunglasses: Witchery, Bracelet & Ring: Equip, Necklace: Vintage store find, Shoe’s: Hannah’s, Pants: Crossroads, Top: Alibi Outlet, Vest: Portmans

WHY I LOVE IT: It’s a nice alternative to grey or white and is great if you prefer to dip your toe in to the pool of colour as opposed to diving in (me to a tee!).

PERFECT PAIRINGS: Earthy tones, but also beige, biscuit, tan, mink and stone work well with dusky pink.  I don’t always have the perfect matching shade in my wardrobe which is just as well because I don’t like matchy matchy things.  My motto is near enough is good enough when it comes to colour pairings!


6. Light Denim – with silver accessories

Light Denim Spring Outfits

Outfits aren’t current (for colour inspiration only) but FYI: Bracelet: Kuala Lumpur buy, Necklace: Lovisa, Shoe’s: Guess from Farmers, Jeans: Just Jeans, Top: Vintage store buy.

WHY I LOVE IT: I love denim full stop so the natural thing to do when the sky lightens up is to lighten up your denim and move away from the indigo blue’s of winter and into the lighter washes.

PERFECT PAIRINGS: Silver has a great ability to complement a lighter shade of denim.  It also makes the overall look less casual and a bit more dressy.  Heels also help to do this by elevating the entire look!


You may be wondering why a lot of my clothing isn’t current and here’s why:  A.  My ethos to clothing is to choose well, take good care of every piece and make the most of what I have (therefore buying less).  Also, the more obvious B is that I don’t own a money tree so I like to inspire you with ideas and then you can adapt them to suit your style and personal taste, because I know that not everyone is a ‘double denim’ lover (neither was I, but yes a girl can and will change her mind!)

I hope you enjoyed this style inspiration and may it get your mind whirring on some awesome level. 🙂

P.S I love to hear from you (and I don’t bite) so feel free to share what you’ll be wearing this Spring!

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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