What life looks like at 33

33  years of living done, just like that.  Long and fleeting all at once.

From the shy little thing that cried at sleepovers, to the bright, pimply teen who wasn’t sure of herself but tried to be, to the young women who cared only of chasing bright lights and big dreams, anywhere but here.  To the girl who thought she needed to be someone else, strive for something better and wondered if what she had was all she should aspire to.

It’s certainly been 33 years of growing, changing, overthinking, re-thinking and growing some more.

Making it work.  Of all the skills I’ve managed to keep strong all these years it’s how to make the most of something. If it only cost $2 make it look like 10.  It’s a good skill to have.

My fashion sense has evolved.  I no longer crave Alicia Silverstone’s closet in Clueless or the contents of Sarah Jessica Parker’s wardrobe (that apartment though!).

But rather I lust after a simple, more succinct sense of style.  A simpler way of life surrounded by a few of my favourite things and a few of my favourite people. Something that looks pulled-together and effortless because it is.  I like to think this is something that comes with age and of moving house through the years, carrying  a bit more baggage then I needed to and realising that stuff is just stuff.  It’s heavy and unnecessary.

It also comes with having a family, knowing what its like to lose some of them and realising that it feels better to take with you, only what you need.

Travel light through life, make things uncomplicated and have love in your heart.

Where to from here?

I’m a Mum, first and foremost and this will always hold my focus and shift it depending on what is being asked of me and who is doing the asking but ‘Mum’ is not all that I am.

In essence I like me now more than I’ve ever liked me.  Possibly, because now it’s not all about me.

I like nice things but I am willing to lose them all because they are just things.

My body is an eclectic mix of time-worn skin and new curves shaped by the experience of creating life and nurturing it.  I’ve traveled well in it and so I vow to take good care of it.

I’m still passionate about fashion, style and projecting who I am through these mediums but now more than ever quality is what holds my gaze when I look towards the future.  And quality isn’t necessarily dictated by a price tag or a label but rather a thought process of how does this make me feel, how will this work with my life and do I love it enough to keep on loving it?!

Choosing my projects well, choosing my possessions well, choosing my company well because this to me is time well spent.

33 years of living done and I find myself at the beginning of so many ‘firsts’.

My first snuggle. My first smile and my first birthday with my son. 

Yep 33, I think you’ll do just fine.

Erena Te Paa sig

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