You are a Mum

Recently I was with a close friend of mine and I asked her indecisively ‘Am I still a Mum’?

To which she quickly and adamantly replied ‘Yes of course you are‘!

I don’t quite know why I keep looking for reassurances as if I’m about to fail a test that I should know off by heart.  Maybe it is because with each passing day the memories I have of motherhood seem to soften and fade.

And while I feel better I also feel worse because I don’t want to forget.

And so on the cusp of Mother’s Day I want to clear something up for anyone like me who has ever questioned their Mum-ness.

You are not forgotten.

Your child wherever they are in this life or the next, 

still thinks of you as you do them.

And if you, like me still play that ridiculously annoying game of I know you are but what am I with yourself let me break it down for you,

because as I see it…

If you carried a child inside you or someone carried a child for you,

for a few weeks or 9 months.

You are a Mum.

If you are someone’s mother by way of guardianship or care for that someone like they were your own.

You are a Mum.

And if you were someone’s Mum.

You are still someone’s Mum.

My experience of being a Mum has been fleeting but I have lovingly observed my mum for 31 years, her Mum and many of my friends and whanau who are Mums,

all of whom are amazing in their own right.

And on Sunday you should celebrate your legitimate Mum-ness like any other because…

You are worthy.  

You are awesome.

YOU are a Mum.

And so am I.

Happy Mother’s Day

You are a Mum - Erena Te Paa

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