When things get awkward

I love how as a fully grown adult female I’m still not immune to awkwardness.

Not every awkward moment is funny of course but they are undoubtedly one of life’s little quirks.  Coming to a cool person, uncool person, mall, restaurant or restroom near you.

Here are my 10 most commonly awkward moments:

  1. At the supermarket shopping and I ask my husband if we should buy Nutella or Peanut butter only to find that he’s buggered off and I’m talking to some random person or just no-one at all.  Nutella it is then.
  2. At the movies, crunching down on popcorn like a horse and then all of sudden the movie goes quiet.  Chews slowly.
  3. Walking into the vicinity of a bad smell in a public place.  Yeah you know the ones.  Generally they are the smells associated with the phrase ‘silent but violent’.
  4. When I recognise someone only to forget their name and they greet me instantly with mine.  C’mon old brain, don’t fail me now.
  5. When a window washer appears out of thin air and I’m ‘packing plastic’.  Flailing my hands around like “No, no I’m good thanks” but they carry on.  Meanwhile I’ve managed to find 30 cents and a pen.
  6. A crowded venue, a long line and a restroom with a toilet that doesn’t flush.  There are no words really apart from ‘It wasn’t me!
  7. When an acquaintance introduces me to somebody new and they ask if we’ve met before.  Quite convinced, I say ‘No’ as they simultaneously nod and say ‘Yes, yes we have’.  Say what!?
  8. When the taps are so flash in a restroom that I don’t know how they work and everyone else does.   Like c’mon Erena, you’ve got this!
  9. When someone says Hi and I say Hey only to find that they weren’t talking to me.  Back to my party for one.
  10. Accidentally spitting mid-way through a conversation and wondering if anyone noticed. OML like say it don’t spray it!

Why are these awkward moments funnier than most?  Because they can’t be planned or avoided, they just sorta happen.  And as long as no-one gets hurt it kinda feels good to know that yes even as a responsible adult these cheeks can still turn red.


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