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I've long been drawn to reinventing and reworking items. Usually these pieces have lived a life before as something else and then I come along and reimagine them.

Rightly or wrongly it is a process I instinctively can't help but do...find gold in the ordinary.

I enjoy the challenge of envisaging the end result then taking the steps to realise that vision. 


I was undoubtedly a lost soul when we found our home. A quirky mid-century abode which looked as broken as I felt. 


Over the next seven years and to this day I've thrown myself into renovating each room and pieced myself back together in the process.  

My expertise as a product and interior stylist has certainly helped but not nearly as much as the seasons of life and an unwavering curiosity to create, design, experiment and express all of this through my interior spaces.

Xmas Trees

Since 2019 I've been creating curious Christmas Trees. So much so that my untraditional trees have become somewhat of a tradition.

I never know what will inspire the tree ahead, oftentimes it comes together within days of Christmas and yet I still enjoy the challenge.

As for how long I plan to make my trees....


I simply tell anyone that asks that as long as an idea comes along and inspires me, I'll keep on creating them.



Journaling wasn't something I ever practised until a few years ago, when at that time my tears flowed and the words poured out.

While those tears have long-since dried I promise to share my musings here.


For anyone who enjoys diving beneath the surface of what I typically share. To peak behind the curtain and into the window of my thoughts and feelings in the hopes that you might find comfort or connection in knowing that underneath it all, I'm just a normal person navigating life. 


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About Erena

About Erena


Perhaps you’ve discovered me through an instagram image or a video I've made or perhaps you have no idea how you got here but you're curious to read on. In any case all you really need to know is that I love to create and will forever be drawn to making and designing pieces for the home or rearranging furniture to reinvigorate a space.


I share the results of my creativity here in this, my little slice of the internet.


For years my home has been my creative outlet. A blank canvas and safe space to express my style through my love of design, diy and my love of home.


As a stylist I’ve never felt that a house was just a house or a chair was just a chair. I’ve always felt that the consideration for the pieces you find and the energy you give to creating your ideal space can breathe life into a room in a way that is so much more than the four walls that house youno matter the canvas.


I am deeply drawn to working with neutrals but all facets of the colour spectrum inspire me. Above all I value individuality whether your style resonates or is vastly different to my own.


I hope you’ll enjoy looking through the many projects and styled corners that make up this, my design portfolio and love letter to the creative within.


Pendulum Magazine (CANADA)

Interior Design Magazine (US)

Remix Magazine (NZ)

On Office Magazine (UK)

Erena Te Paa in Interior Design Magazine US
Erena Te Paa for Remix Magazine
Erena Te Paa for On Office Mag
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