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This too shall pass

Life is just a series of moments and we are building moments together. Most I will love, some I will hate but I am building moments with you.

Last night I could have found you trying. I could have seen your awakeness as a sign of frustration and your cries as an unhelpful end to a tiring day.

I could have wished to be somewhere else or someone else.

I could have given up or given in.

But on this night I wasn’t deflated or defeated. I had nowhere to be and if I did it didn’t matter. All I knew was that you needed me close and I was clever enough to embrace it.

In the darkness of our quiet little room I picked you up and snuggled you in. I let go of frustration and misplaced resentment to realise what this was.

The most precious of moments between a mother and her baby.

Where I am the simple answer.

I watch with arms cradled as you search my face with tiny fingers and all I can think of is how nice this is.

Just you, just me, just us two.

We spend most of our lives wanting to be loved by someone who needs it just as much. A child’s love is to take that ‘need’ and want for nothing.

For on this night, in this moment I am your cure and you are mine.

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