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Love note to self

Embrace your quirks.

As in, those random little things that make you, you.

They might be things that when you were younger you tried to hide or promised yourself you’d change as soon you could but time has made you less inclined to lose them.

In fact, time has made you come to love them.

Birthmarks, freckles, weird little spots. Sure some may have come from too much sun or lack of care but a lesson springs from each and every one. Scars and funny belly buttons tell stories of babies birthed or mistakes made or things survived.

Age doesn’t limit you. It smartens you up to the things that give you life. The things that you know without a doubt work really well for you because you’ve been there, tried that.

Perhaps it’s a shade of lipstick or sweep of shadow that brings you out of your shell without hiding who you are or it’s a shirt that falls a certain way because of the shape you allow it to have.

It’s a treasured piece that you give life to with your story.

Your laugh, your frown, your smile, your gaze.

Your humour, your confidence, your strength. Your wit.

Your compassion. Your vulnerability.

Find a way to express more of that and you will shine brightly in your own way.

Things don’t make us unique or complete.

It is your unique experience that manifests as a thought or idea that can be shared with others.

Your point of view.

Your way.

Love who you are.


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