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A feather on my pillow

I have come to find a lot of strength in the smallest of symbols.

You’ll know by now that I have a thing for feathers.  I hadn’t happened across one in a while so when I woke up to find a feather on my pillow albeit the teeniest tiniest of feathers, it was a comforting reminder to reflect and remain hopeful.

If I have learnt anything these past few years it is that nothing will get better unless I do.

There will always be someone who will tell you no and hold you back from doing what you are meant to be doing but in my experience most of the time that person is me or rather, my own self doubt.

Whenever I falter it is generally because I have become immersed in the pursuits of others and forgotten about myself and remembering that I am on my own journey.

And if ever I lose sight of what that is, I’ll immerse myself in something I absolutely love to do which isn't necessarily the thing I do for work but a hobby, craft or passion project.

Whenever I do this I find that fresh ideas come to light, things start to align and new doors start to open.


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