Never stop starting

The start of the year is always a little bit of a jolty one and by jolty I mean stop-starty.

January felt like a good time to get my head in the game (or at least appear to have it figured out) but February…February still feels like a warm up. A practice run before I find that steady and reliable rhythm that says ‘yes, I am in control!’.

{Laughs out loud}

Because when are we ever in control?!

I remember reading on the back of a truck once that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it (it was the first time I’d ever heard this quote) and given the way that my life has unfolded I wish that I could drive behind that truck every single day to remind myself that life is all about how I approach it.

Because without a goal, without a passion, without a drive or sense of direction or a belief that ‘you can do this!‘ you are at a stand still. Part of you is scared to commit and afraid to begin, for the first time or the tenth.

You’ve got to start somewhere, even if it isn’t perfect.

January 1st is a convenient place to start but so is February and March and any other month that you want to begin again.

So here I am, well and truly in the thick of February and it feels like I’ve only just started to find momentum and to get into the groove of the soundtrack of my life for 2017.

To begin and begin and begin again is all part of this thing called life and this thing called moving forward. It doesn’t make us strange or inconsistent or lazy. It means we want to feel good about the stories we tell ourselves and each other.

Hold yourself to starting one step at a time and never stop.

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