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Never stop starting

The start of the year is always a little bit jolty and by that I mean it starts with a bang and then stops.

January feels like it ought to be a good time to get my head in the game but then February…February still feels like a warm up. A practice run before I find that steady and reliable rhythm that says now I'm in control..or am I?

Because when are we ever in control?

I remember seeing a sign on the back of a truck once that read 'life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it' and given the way my life has unfolded I wish that I could drive behind that truck every single day to remind myself that life is all about how I approach it.

You’ve got to start somewhere, even if it isn’t perfect.

January 1st is a convenient place to start but so is February and March and June and any other month that you decide you want to start over.

To begin and begin and begin again is all part of the journey and what keeps us moving forward. It doesn’t make us strange or inconsistent or lazy to start over or change direction. It means we want to feel good about the path we pave each and every day.

Hold yourself to starting one step at a time and never stop.


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